iPad Web Video Views Last 2.5 Times As Long As On Desktop

Despite the smaller screen, web video viewers stick around longer on mobile devices than they do on the desktop, according to data from web video portal site MeFeedia.

MeFeedia analysed the habits of 125,000 unique mobile visitors to its site since July 1 and found on average, iPad users are sticking with videos for 5 minutes, Symbian users are sticking around for 4.1 minutes, Android users are lasting 3 minutes, and iPhone users last 2.4 minutes.

While those numbers sound rather small, in the world of web video, they’re pretty good. In March, TubeMogul reported the average video view time was below two minutes, which means video viewing on mobile devices is higher, and in the case of the iPad significantly higher.

Why is it bigger? Because mobile devices are slower, so if you take the trouble to find a web video, you’re likely to stick around. Also, because mobile devices don’t have big screens or multitasking, viewers are pretty locked into what they are watching.

MeFeedia CEO and co-founder Frank Sinton tells us advertisers are looking to run video ads on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone because they are generally a good demographic to advertise to, and because they are staying engaged with the videos.

While this is an interesting data point, it’s still early in the iPad’s life to draw conclusions. iPad users stuck around even longer when they first got their iPads. As they’ve gotten more adjusted to the device, time spent watching video has fallen.

Still, the fact of the matter is the iPad and smartphones are good for consuming content because they capture our attention. Advertisers and publishers should take note and make sure they have content available for users.

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