STUDY: iPad Readers Are Skimming And Can’t Remember What They’ve Read

dog reads USA Today

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French consulting firm Miratech just published a research report claiming that users reading news on an iPad are less focused than when reading a newspaper.They used eye-tracking techniques in order to study the way people read, as well as how long people spend looking at each part of a page.

Miratech concludes that “Readers are more likely to skim over articles on an iPad than in a newspaper.”

Some bullet points from the research report:

  • 20% of users have better retention when they read something on paper versus on an iPad
  • There’s no difference in the amount of time it takes a person to read an article on an iPad versus in a newspaper
  • On average, eyes linger longer on paper, implying more focused reading (40 ms longer on print)

  • People’s “gaze patterns” when they first look at a page are identical on an iPad versus a print newspaper.

See below for a cool video of the eye-tracking software in action. The blue dot represents where the user is focusing his or her vision.

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