iPad Sales May Have Dropped, But It Still Dominates U.S. Tablet Web Usage

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iPad Usage in North America Grows Steadily Over Q2 2013 (Chitika)
Ahead of Apple’s earnings report, which showed iPad sales slipping, Chitika Insights released a new update to their study on the North American tablet market. The study revealed that the iPad continues to dominate the usage landscape. Its overall share of Web traffic inched up to 84.3% at the end of June. Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab sit in a distant second and third place, respectively. Read >

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Apple Q2 2013 Earnings Report (Business Insider) 
Apple held its earnings call for Q2 2013. Here are some highlights, courtesy of SAI:

  • iPhone units: 31.2 million versus 26 million expected by sell-side analysts. That’s 20% growth year-over-year. 
  • iPad units: 14.6 million versus 18.3 million expected by sell-side analysts. That’s a 14% decline year-over-year. 
  • Mac units: 3.8 million versus 3.9 million expected by sell-side analysts.

The iPhone average sale price also dropped to $581, versus $613 last quarter. Read >

Facebook Mobile Game Ads May Invade User Notification Tabs (All Things Digital) 
Facebook is testing a new mobile ad unit consisting of an advertisement that suggests a Facebook mobile game that a user may be interested in playing. The ad would be included in the drop-down tab that notifies users of post likes and friend requests. Suggestions are sourced from a user’s existing mobile gaming habits. It’s a controversial and somewhat obtrusive place to stick an ad, as the Notifications drop down generates an extremely high levels of engagement. Read >

U.S. Share Of Global Mobile Ad Impressions Dips Below 50% (Opera Media Works)
Opera Media Works released its State Of Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2013. The data revealed that global ad impressions are growing substantially. This is what caused the U.S. share of mobile ad impressions to drop below 50%. The U.S. is also still by far the top country for mobile ad revenue, accounting for 75%. Read > 

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China Represents Roughly 1/4 Of Global Connected Mobile Device Installed Base (Flurry)
A new report from Flurry surveys recent trends in the China mobile market. Flurry measured 261,333,271 active smartphones and tablets in China, which equates to 24% of the entire global mobile device installed base. The study also reports on manufacturer market share, and consumer mobile behaviour. Read >

Why Mobile Web Apps Are Slow (Sealed Abstract)
Sometimes, reasons for slow mobile Web app loading times go deeper than just a weak processor or older device. Sealed Abstract breaks down technical reasoning in an extensive write-up on why mobile web apps are slow. Read >

Flipboard Mobile Magazines Migrating To Web (TechCrunch)
Flipboard, the popular mobile app that transforms user news and social media feeds into a magazine, is launching a Web-based platform for its service. It gives Flipboard another avenue to pull in advertising dollars. Flipboard founder Mike McCue commented on the move, saying, “We don’t care where the user comes from. We’re trying to curate awesome content on any device, as optimised as possible.” Read >

Verizon Partners With Motorola To Revive Droid Brand (All Things Digital)
Verizon and Motorola announced the launch of three new Droid devices, the Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini. Motorola is also gearing up for the launch of its flagship device, the Moto X, which is expected to be out in October. Read >  

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