How To Put Your iPad On Privacy Lockdown

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Photo: Dylan Love

An iPad is only as secure as you make it.If you’re doing something requiring any level of secrecy or protection, try these suggestions to keep your data from getting into the wrong hands.

You’re always better safe than sorry.

Use a passcode lock

You can enable a quick 4-digit passcode as one means of preventing people from getting into your iPad. Go to Settings > General >Passcode Lock to set it up.

Use a complex passcode

It you'd rather use more than four digits and include some letters in there as well, you can enable this too. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and disable Simple Passcode.

Black SMS for iMessages

To help keep communications private, you can use an app called Black SMS to exchange encoded iMessages with your friends as long as you both know the keyword to decrypt them.

Price: $0.99

Check out our walkthrough of Black SMS here >

Protect individual apps with Applocker

Applocker, for jailbroken iPads only, lets you password protect individual apps on your device.

It's available on Cydia for $0.99.

Private Data

Private Data functions as a password-protected 'locker' for whatever data you want to keep in it.

Price: free

Private browsing keeps your Internet history out of sight

If you enable private browsing, Safari won't record a history of web pages you visit. Go to Settings > Safari to enable it.

A chassis lock keeps your iPad where you leave it

Kensington makes security cases for iPad that let you lock it to a desk or table, making sure someone doesn't walk off with it. They go for $52 on Amazon.

There are lots of cool tech accessories being developed as you read this

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