Apple Drops Two New IPad Commercials

Monday afternoon Apple released two new ads for the iPad on YouTube. 

The videos themselves are almost as different as can be. They feature specific characters using their iPads to write their “verse,” in theory working toward the message that the iPad is for everyone. “What will your verse be?” Apple asks at the end of the ad.

The first commercial shows a community leader from Detroit named Jason Hall who uses his iPad to map out routes and organise meetups for an enormous bicycling group called the Slow Roll city bike ride.

“I started Slow Roll to show Detroit in a positive light. I love my city and I wanted to help other people love it again,” Hall says, according to Apple’s site. Thousands gather to ride bikes together for Slow Ride.

The second video stars the Chinese rock band Yaoband. The Beijing-based group¬†uses iPads to compose their music by recording and sampling sounds from the real world, Apple’s site says.

“When we play live, iPad is the master program for the whole performance. Really, it’s the lead instrument,” Yaoband DJ and producer Luke Wang said to Apple.

Apple’s blog also has posts featuring a marine biologist, a Bollywood choreographer, a classical pianist and others. More commercials from these folk could definitely be in the works.

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