9 Super Cool iPad Modifications

Steve Jobs iPad

The iPad as presented by Apple is essentially a blank slate, ready to be filled with games, books, websites, music, and movies.

While most people focus on filling the screen with awesome applications, a few people have tried to tweak the outside of the iPad.

We’ve scanned the web looking for our favourite work from creative people modifying the iPad.

A common theme is taking old Apple computers and adapting them to suit the iPad, but there’s plenty of more adventurous mods, like turning the iPad into a skateboard or giving it the ability to walk.

Take your ultra-modern iPad and give it old-school flare by turning it into a typewriter. It might even be easier to type on!

This is just the coolest looking iPad case out there, right?

This one might not be as cool looking as the previous arcade, but we like the DIY look of a cardboard iPad arcade.

This is one of the most obvious mods, but it's still cool. Make the iPad the screen for a Macintosh Classic.

We owned this iMac, so we love this iPad mod. This is cooler than the Macintosh Classic, in our opinion.

Here's a novel way to update an old iBook AND get a keyboard for the iPad.

Yes, you can skateboard on the iPad. But, it's not fun and it voids the warranty.

The easiest modification of them all yields the most diverse results. Add some velcro and the iPad's world opens up.

Wait. Your iPad just sits around? Lame. Mod it so that it walks on two legs.

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