Apple Is Reportedly Getting Samples Of 8 Inch iPads Made


Photo: AP

Apple is getting samples of smaller iPads sent to it by its manufacturing partners, MacRumors reports via Taiwan’s United Daily News.The smaller iPad is 7.85 inches. (The current iPad is 9.7 inches.) It sounds like United Daily is saying that Apple will launch a smaller iPad at the start of next year.

On some level it makes sense for Apple to offer a smaller iPad. After all, a diversified iPad line could appeal to more customers.

But, on the other hand Steve Jobs famously trashed 7 inch tablets saying that you would need to shave your fingers to use them because they’re so small. Jobs was not the sort of guy to make flippant remarks on an earnings call.

If he thought smaller tablets stunk, then there’s a pretty good chance everyone at Apple thought they stunk.

Of course, Jobs had a tendency to say one thing and then do another later on. But, in this case we think he meant what he said.

Either way, we’re sure Apple is getting samples of smaller tablets just to check them out.

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