Google Just Dumped A Lot Of Pressure On Apple To Put A Better Screen On The iPad Mini

Tim CookApple CEO Tim Cook with the iPad Mini.

Google announced a new tablet today, an updated version of its popular Nexus 7 Android tablet. It’s thinner and lighter than the last model, and it sports some zippy internal specs and powerful graphics.

But most importantly, the new Nexus 7 has a super-sharp screen capable of playing full HD video, something its closest competition, the iPad Mini, can’t do.

Now the pressure is on for Apple to respond.

Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter that Apple won’t be able to update its iPad Mini with a sharper Retina screen until early next year

When I reviewed the iPad Mini last year, I was extremely disappointed by its lack of high-resolution display. Perhaps I was spoiled by my full-sized iPad’s Retina display, but the iPad Mini felt like a step backwards. 

Meanwhile, Amazon, Samsung, and now Google have launched tiny tablets with better screens. And all those tablets are significantly cheaper than the iPad Mini. The new Nexus 7 starts at $229, while the iPad Mini will cost you at least $329. Plus, the new Nexus 7 with 4G LTE wireless data starts at $349, which is a great deal. The iPad Mini with wireless data starts at $459.

Bottom line: It’ll be a huge disappointment if Apple waits much longer to release an iPad Mini without a Retina display. Its competitors are lapping the iPad Mini with cheaper devices that have much better specs.

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