Apple's New iPad Mini Will 'Likely' Have A Sharper, Retina Display From Samsung

Phil Schiller iPad MiniApple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller

Apple will likely use a high-resolution screen from Samsung in an upcoming version of the iPad Mini, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple had initially planned to only use screens from Sharp and LG, according to the WSJ’s source, but decided to add Samsung to make sure they had an adequate supply of screens.

Apple is also considering multi-coloured back plates the iPad Mini, similar to what it offers with the latest iPod Touch models. 

It’s still not clear when Apple would release an iPad Mini with Retina, but the company’s suppliers “are gearing up for mass production” of the iPad Mini this quarter.

That jibes with a DigiTimes report from last month that said production of the new iPad with Retina display would start in the fourth quarter, which would mean a release in early 2014.

Just yesterday, we came upon even more evidence to suggest that Apple would not upgrade the iPad Mini’s screen this year.

Code found inside iOS 7 references an iPad Mini that is faster, but not one with a better display.

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