Apple Will Unveil The iPad Mini On October 23

ipad mini render

Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple will unveil the iPad Mini at a press event on October 23, according AllThingsD.AllThingsD is very tight with Apple, so it’s always correct with Apple event dates.

AllThingsD’s sources didn’t confirm a location but it is speculated that the event will be held on Apple’s campus at its Town Hall auditorium.

Jim Dalrymple of the Loop has also cosigned the announcement. 

The smaller iPad  is rumoured to have a 7.85-inch screen and will sport Apple’s new annoying Lightning connector.

If Apple announces the device on October 23, it’ll likely launch a week to 10 days later.

Earlier this week we learned that the device may be Wi-Fi only to cut down on costs. It has been speculated that the mini will have Apple’s iPhone 3GS guts and no retina-display.

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