iPad Represented 5% Of Business Insider's Traffic Over The Holidays... Almost One-Third Of The Mac

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A big (anticipated) Christmas for Apple’s iPad and a few days off for media- and finance-types pushed Apple’s iPad to represent almost 5% of Business Insider’s visits during the holidays, according to Google Analytics.

  • Specifically, the iPad represented 4.9% of our visits between Dec. 24 and Jan. 2, up from 2.7% during the entire month prior.
  • That’s almost one-third the Mac visits we received, which were 17.4% of our visits.
  • On Christmas Day alone, the iPad represented 8.8% of our visits, as people unwrapped their presents and checked out our list of must-have iPad apps.
  • The iPhone represented 6.9% of our visits during the holidays, up from 5.3% the prior month.
  • Android (including phones and the Galaxy Tab) represented about 2.7% of our visits during the holidays, up from 2.0% the month prior.
  • The BlackBerry (at least whatever Google Analytics tracks) represented 0.7% of our visits during the holidays.
  • We can’t really tell how the Samsung Galaxy Tab factored in specifically, because there’s no specific function for it (that we know of) in Google Analytics. But 1024×600 screens — which, according to the folks at Medialets, includes the Galaxy Tab, the Nook, and some minor tablets — represented 1.2% of our visits over the holidays, up from about 1.0% the month prior.
  • Windows still represents about 64% of our visits. Internet Explorer represented 30% of our visits over the holidays; Firefox 26%; Safari 22%; and Google Chrome represented 16%. (RockMelt doesn’t show up as a separate browser, that we know of.)

Apple is expected to announce December quarter iPad shipments around 5.5 million, representing almost 13 million cumulative iPad shipments.

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