How To Get A Cheap IPad On Cyber Monday

If you’re looking for a new iPad on Cyber Monday, several retailers have some good deals.
We first saw the iPad deals on Gotta Be Mobile.
Here’s the breakdown:

Staples has one of the best offers going for the iPads. The discounts began at $US100 and then started to sink, but Staples had the widest selection compared to other outlets.

iPad 2: $US299

iPad Mini: $US249

iPad 4: $US349

iPad Air: $US449

RadioShack has the second best collection but quantities for certain tablets were limited.

iPad 2: $US339

iPad Mini: $US229

iPad 4: $US379

Best Buy has a variety of coupons to help alleviate the cost of these iPads.

iPad 2: $US349 with a $US40 dollar savings code

iPad 4: $US449 with a $US40 dollar savings code

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