Use These iPad Apps To Fight Evil, Read Comic Books


Photo: The BM Rant

When the iPad came out, an obvious application for the device was as an e-reader. It’s roughly the same size as a book and even more portable.But black text on a white background doesn’t even begin to take advantage of an iPad’s beautiful display. What if you want colourful explosions, gratuitous sound effects, and superpowers that defy explanation?

Thank heaven for the following applications that make it fun AND easy to read comic books on your iPad.

You’ll appreciate your iPad (and your comics) even more.

ComicZeal is the gold standard

When you buy a digital comic file, you can load it into ComicZeal using iTunes sync. Plenty of features are packed into this app, but when you're reading they get out of your way. This makes it an instant favourite for us.

Price: $7.99

Comic Viewer is your digital comic shelf

We love the browsable shelf display for all the comic files you've acquired. Just tap the one you want to read, and you're in it.

Price: $4.99

Marvel's app animates your comics

The Marvel app lets you browse a selection of comics available from the company itself. When you download a comic, your iPad will 'autoplay' the comic with light animation. It's like a scaled-down movie, and we loved it a lot.

Price: free

DC's in-app store has impressive selection

If you're more of a DC fan, you're still covered. The DC app offers similar functionality, letting you browse a digital comic book store, buy whatever you like, and read it all within the app.

Price: free

Archie fans can pick up the official app

The iconic Archie franchise has its own app as well. Buy and read new comics as they come out

Price: free


The concisely-named Comics offers no allegiance to a specific publisher, offering Marvel, DC, and independent comics for sale in its store. Plenty of comics are free as well!

Price: free

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