Two Leaked Videos Show What Could Be The IPad 5 And Plastic IPhone 5C

Adding fuel to the rumours and reports that Apple plans to release a cheaper iPhone model made out of plastic, we have another leaked video that shows the device’s casing. It matches perfectly to another leaked video we saw a few weeks ago.

But that’s not all. There’s also a leaked video that shows the casing for the fifth-generation iPad, which should have a slimmer design that looks more like the iPad Mini.

The videos come from Maco Takara, but we first spotted them on 9to5Mac.

Apple is supposedly making the cheap plastic iPhone, which some are calling the iPhone 5C, as a way to attack the low-end smartphone market. The high-end smartphone market is already saturated with top-tier devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5, so a budget-friendly device like the iPhone 5C would give Apple a chance to gain more market share.

Apple will likely introduce the iPhone 5C along with the next iPhone that some call the 5S in early fall. Apple will probably introduce the new iPad in late fall.

Here’s the video that shows the fifth-generation iPad 5 case:

Here’s the video that shows the so-called iPhone 5C case:

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