Why Apple Could Announce The iPad 2 Within Two Weeks

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It seems that Apple may announce its new iPad 2 device within a couple of weeks.

This is 100% speculation, and not based on any inside information. But hear us out…

First clue: Apple online boss Eddy Cue was mighty suspicious today at “The Daily” launch when he said that Apple will talk soon about new iOS in-app purchasing requirements that it seems to be forcing on Sony, Amazon, and other e-book vendors.

Same with Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller when All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka asked him: “Demurred but said aapl would talk about it soon,” Kafka tweeted.

Second clue: “The Daily” launched today without Apple’s iOS 4.3, which will be a required update (to the best of our knowledge) before the “Daily” subscription billing and automatic delivery can take place. As of today, “The Daily” is free during a 2-week launch promotion, sponsored by Verizon Wireless. Is that also a convenient excuse to give Apple a couple more weeks to roll out iOS 4.3? If it were ready to launch today, it probably would have launched today…

So. Apple is going to talk us “soon,” and Apple still needs to roll out a new OS update for “The Daily” to start billing us in a couple of weeks.

Sure sounds like Apple is going to need to hold some sort of event.

And while iOS 4.3 might be an OK appetizer, the iPad 2 would be a much better main course. This would also give Apple several weeks of preparation before it needs to launch sales — in March or early April sometime, perhaps. (Reuters supposedly saw someone using one today at “The Daily” launch!)

Third clue: In two weeks is the big “Mobile World Congress” conference in Barcelona. Apple loves to spoil other conferences by stealing the conversation with its own news. That Monday or Tuesday, perhaps — Feb. 14 or 15 — might be a great day for Apple to steal the show with an event in San Francisco or Cupertino.

Phil Schiller, Tim Cook, and co. can open up with early Verizon iPhone sales numbers, march through iOS 4.3 (“shipping today!”), and then whip out the iPad 2 as the grand finale.

Again, it’s 100% speculation. But makes some sense, no?

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