Apple Hasn’t Announced iPad 2 Sales Figures Yet… Are They Too Low To Brag About?

iPad guy

It’s almost noon, and Apple still hasn’t put out a press release announcing how many iPad 2s it sold over the weekend. Is the number too low to brag about?

The demand for iPad 2s was there — recall the lines on Friday and throughout the weekend — but the supply wasn’t. (Leading some to question why Apple rushed the iPad 2 out when it knew it wouldn’t have enough stock, as opposed to waiting a few weeks.)

So what’s the lowest number that Apple would have had to sell in order to put out a press release? 500,000? 1 million?

Analysts have estimated that Apple could have sold 400,000 to 1 million iPads this weekend. But did Apple even have 1 million iPads available to sell?

Last year, Apple boasted that it had sold 300,000 iPads during opening weekend — and it published its press release before 9 a.m.

Today, its only comment so far has been to tell Apple news site The Loop that demand has been “amazing” — without any numbers.

Will we find out how many iPad 2s Apple has moved this week? Or will we have to wait until Apple’s earnings presentation in late April?

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