iPad 2 Might Not Even Have A Home Button

iPad 2

Steve Jobs hates buttons. So much, in fact, that there was a WSJ article written about it in 2007.

So will the next version of Apple’s iPad and iPhone ship without the iconic round “home” button that’s existed since the first iPhone?

As MacRumors notes, that’s one way to look at new settings included in iOS 4.3 beta, the latest version of Apple’s software for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, which has been issued to developers. (Via Lessien.)

The settings allow new gesture controls to get to the device’s home screen and the multitasking screen, the main uses for the home button. (Other uses include taking screenshots, resetting the phone, etc. But nothing TOO crucial.)

Maybe it’s far-fetched. But it’s not completely insane. After all, Apple changed the button layout on the iPod several times before it settled on the final “click wheel.” As long as Apple keeps developing multi-touch gestures, it could eventually be button-free.

Update: BGR reports that Apple is already testing button-free editions of the iPad and iPhone. But John Gruber thinks this is a non-starter because the home button is VERY easy to discover, while gestures have a learning curve.

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