iPad 2 Lines Across The Land: They Actually Exist


Photo: Twitter / Yfrog

Apple’s iPad 2 goes on sale today at 5 p.m. local time across the United States.Apple’s decision not to allow pre-orders is working: Lines are already forming, and in some cities, are becoming rather long.

They are not as long yet as some other Apple launches like the iPhone 4 and original iPad, but are not laughably short like the Verizon iPhone lines last month.

We’re tracking the iPhone lines on Twitter, and will continue to update this post with new lines throughout the afternoon.

If you’re waiting in line for an iPad 2, snap a photo and email it to us, along with your location, to [email protected] We’ll consider it for the gallery. Thanks!

Reader Anthony Petibi sends in this photo from the Christiana Mall in Delaware

Here's another shot from Delaware, courtesy reader Brendon Sebera

Reader Justin Zawistowski sends in this shot from the Clarendon Apple Store line in Arlington, VA

Here's what it was like last year...

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