iPad 2 Lines Were Longer This Year

iPad 2 line

Photo: Anthony Petibi

Apple analyst Gene Munster is upping his estimate for how many iPads Apple sold this weekend after seeing much longer than expected lines around the country.Munster believes Apple could be selling as many as 500,000 iPads this opening weekend, Apple Insider reports. (Last year, Apple sold 300,000 on opening weekend.)

Munster had also previously been calling for shorter iPad lines because there would be a great amount of distribution points for this iPad. He got that one wrong.

iPad 2 lines were longer than iPad 1 lines. In New York at the 5th Ave. store, for instance, Munster counted 1,109 this year compared to 703 last year. At the Mall Of America in Minneapolis Munster’s staff counted 334 people this year versus 105 last year.

Beyond the lines at stores, Apple’s online store now says iPad 2 shipments are delayed 3-5 weeks. Looks like Apple either has some production problems, or a crush of demand. (Or both, we suppose.)

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