Iowa Student Samantha Goudie Tells '20/20' That She Hasn't Had A Drink Since 'Vodka Samm' Went Viral

University of Iowa student Samantha Goudie — who
gained fame as “Vodka Samm”after she registered a .341 BAC — appeared on
ABC’s “20/20” Friday night, telling the news program that she has shut down all her social media accounts and has not drank alcohol since her arrest for public intoxication in September.

Goudie told “20/20” correspondent JuJu Chang that she has not had a drink since the Iowa administration required her to go into three months of treatment. She said that her newfound sobriety has had a negative affect on her social life, but she knows she cannot blame anyone but herself.

She told Chang that because she was just a normal student and not a celebrity, it “never crossed her mind” that her tweets — such as “Just went to jail #yolo” and “Blew a .341 in jail” — would go viral.

“20/20” walks through the day that Goudie live-tweeted her arrest, from the pregame to the football tailgate to her arrest when she drunkenly forced her way onto the football field. Goudie said she does not know how many drinks she had that day, and does not remember how she ended up on the field.

However, it is not as revealing as Goudie’s interview last month with the Daily Iowan, in which she told the student newspaper that the experience had a much harsher effect on her than anyone realised, calling it “devastating” and “embarrassing.” She told the Iowan that she had previously experienced depression and an eating disorder, and was hospitalized last year for several months.

Check out the full “20/20” interview below:

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