Iowa player ejected following one of the scariest hits you will ever see in a football game

Iowa had a long punt return called back early in their game against Miami (OH) and replays made it clear that an ugly hit on one block was the reason why.

Josey Jewell, a junior linebacker and captain for Iowa, was coming back towards the play on the punt return when he tried to block Miami’s Matt Merimee. Instead, Jewell caught him with a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit that appeared to knock Merimee unconscious.

WARNING: This video may be considered disturbing by some viewers.

Jewell was ejected for targeting on the play. Merimee appeared to be momentarily unconscious, but he did get up and walk off the field with some help.

On the one hand, it does look like Jewell is trying to hit Merimee with his shoulder and that Merimee tripped before contact causing his own head to lower into the line of fire. But at the same time, Jewell does lead with his helmet against a defenseless player and that is exactly the type of move that the NCAA is trying to eliminate. 

The play may not have been intentional, but it was as dangerous as it gets and the ejection was warranted.

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