If You Use The Subway A Lot DO NOT Upgrade To Apple's New iPhone Software

iOS 6 maps

Photo: AP

Apple’s new mobile software, iOS 6 is going to be released this afternoon.iOS 6 powers iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. The biggest change to iOS 6 is that Apple dumps Google-based maps for its own home-built map application.

The reviews of Apple’s maps, while largely positive, ultimately say Apple’s maps aren’t better than Google maps.

Most importantly for anyone that lives in New York City, or any place that relies on public transit, Apple’s maps don’t have public transit directions or schedules built in. Apple is relying on third-party developers to build the transit directions/schedules for maps.

Right now there are no apps for the maps from developers. When reviewers tested the iPhone 5 this was the biggest (maybe only) complaints about the phone.

If you rely on public transit you should hold off on upgrading to iOS 6 until developers have built transit apps for Apple maps.

UPDATE: Some people on Twitter suggest people just use Google Maps on Safari. That’s an option, but it’s a pain in the butt. We recommend you stick with iOS 5. iOS 6 doesn’t have that many upgrades to make it worthwhile if you use subway directions a lot.

Check out iOS 6’s new maps below:

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