iOS Is The Platform Of Choice For Enterprises Too

Not only is iOS the preferred platform for app developers, but it is also the top choice for enterprises.

According to Appcelerator’s Q1 Mobile Enterprise Report, the iPhone and the iPad are the main priorities for enterprises. Android phones come in a distant second, followed by HTML5 (which, more accurately, is not really a platform, but a set of standards).

When we spoke to Appcelerator’s Michael King back in July, he laid out several reasons for Apple’s edge in the enterprise:

  • The iPad still accounts for the majority of tablet shipments, especially the full-sized tablets more likely to gain traction in enterprise. 
  • Android has a malware problem. The closed environment of iOS is considered safer to work on. Additionally, Apple has offered businesses a development environment in which they can build secure internal apps. 
  • Android’s fragmentation problem is a challenge for enterprises too. 

That said, Samsung — the world’s number one vendor of Android phones — is trying to address security worriesAs we discuss in a recent report, it has introduced new security features and has won a number of high-profile enterprise deals for Android devices.

As for consumer-facing app developers, iOS pays better, has wealthier consumers, and sidesteps the headaches associated with Android’s fragmentation problem.

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Photo: BII

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