COMING SOON: Here Are A Bunch Of Awesome iPhone And iPad Games We Can't Wait To Try

star command

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The best iPad and iPhone games are yet to arrive.From revamped classic games to 100% original games, there’s something here you’re bound to find intriguing.

Here’s a collection of projects currently in development that have the most hype and anticipation surrounding them in the gaming community.

Galactic Keep: Dice Battles is back in development after nearly two years off the radar

It's a turn-based RPG that resurrects tabletop games played on graph paper. Roll dice, fight monsters, and gather items.

Pocket Heroes is Dungeons & Dragons crossed with Words With Friends

Pocket Heroes brings asynchronous multiplayer (a la Words With Friends) to Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG gaming. You can play with friends anywhere in the world without worrying about time limits on your turn.

Old-school gamers will be excited for RealMyst, a revamped version of a classic game. Check out the gameplay video below

This teaser for Star Command combines space adventure and grid-based combat

WarGames is an officially licensed puzzle game based on the movie

With gameplay pretty comparable to Dungeon Raid, WarGames uses the familiar matching mechanic to simulate hacking a computer to prevent a missile launch.

Bladeslinger is a Western-themed Infinity Blade and the graphics look tremendous

Magic: The Gathering is headed to iOS

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is reminiscient of the Diablo games. Check out this gameplay video

You can't play these games yet, but here's what you can do with your iPad now

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