iOS Drives The Vast Majority Of E-commerce Mobile Traffic

iOS users are much more active on their devices than Android users, judging by traffic to U.S. e-commerce websites.

iOS accounted for over 70 per cent of e-commerce websites’ mobile traffic last quarter, according to Monetate, which includes international visitors in its data.

Android, with a commanding 65 per cent of global mobile platform market share last quarter—more than three times that of iOS— drove a relatively weak 23 per cent of traffic. 

Apple’s strength is partly the result of the iPad’s continued dominance in the tablet market. The iPad accounted for 89 per cent of tablet traffic and is the largest single driver of mobile traffic, reflecting tablets’ strength as a consumption device.  

However, even among smartphones, which drive more overall traffic than tablets, the iPhone drove 61 per cent of e-commerce traffic last quarter to Android’s 38 per cent. (Android had a 72 per cent global smartphone market share to the iPhone’s 14 per cent.)   

It’s unclear why Android users are so much less active on their devices, but it is probably also why app developers make four times as much money on iOS and significantly favour the platform.

Ecommerce Traffic By platform

Photo: Monetate

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