iPhone Apps Of The Week: Make Free Calls Over Wifi And Hail A Luxury Car Service

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We have some especially great apps for you to try this week.We have an app that will keep your notes in sync using Dropbox, and another that will enable you to make free calls over Wifi using your Google Voice number if you don’t have cell service.

One app unlocks your phone whenever you’re in designated safe zones, and another can order you a car and give you the fare before you even hop in.

Check out our favourite apps this week for the iPhone and iPad

GroundLink kills Uber, offering more choices, pre-calculated fares, and Wi-Fi in their luxury vehicles

GroundLink, a company featured in our SAI 100 list for 2010, is thwarting the competition. You can use the app to order a vehicle to drive you somewhere, but it's definitely more expensive than a taxi.

GroundLink just updated its app's UI to make it much cleaner and easier to use.

GroundLink founder Alex Mashinsky reached out to us and told us about GroundLink's success lately: they're doing 50% year-over-year revenue gains, and they're running 300 cars in New York (vs. Uber's dozen or so). GroundLink serves 5000 cities including New York, L.A., and London.

You can pick what kind of car you'd like, and you can see the route the car plans to take before you even hop in. You can book future reservations, too.

Price: free from the App Store

Real Map Plus uses your camera and GPS to send friends your current location

Real Map Plus is cool because it sends others a picture of your current location, as well as a map of where you are.

The app uses a split-screen approach to accomplish this. If somebody can't find you after you send them a picture of your surroundings, and your GPS location, they are truly hopeless.

Price: $0.99 from the App Store

Talkatone lets you talk for free over Wifi or 3G using your Google Voice number

We showed you how to use Talkatone earlier this week, and we're still loving it.

Talkatone enables you to use your Google Voice number to call out over Wifi or 3G for free, by only using your data connection. The app is simple to use, and is great for if you have no cell service, but have a wifi hotspot in range.

Price: free from the App Store

Presence gives you access to all the files on your Mac, no matter where you are

Presence is a remote access utility for iOS that works in cooperation with a desktop app running on your Mac. You can view and share items from your home computer.

Once you have the iOS app and the desktop app installed, you can browse your Mac from within a great-looking interface. This isn't online storage--it's instead looking through a private tube across the internet into your home computer.

One feature we love is that you can search your Mac remotely with Spotlight, and the desktop app can connect one computer to another with ease.

Price: free from the App Store (20 day free trial, then $40.00)

Jailbreak app Clever Pin only locks up your phone when you're away from home

Add this to the list of awesome apps that make jailbreaking worthwhile.

From the genius behind the iPhone customisation Swiss army knife Springtomize, we now get Clever Pin, an app that lets you designate 'safe' wifi networks so that when you're home or at work, your phone won't lock like it normally does.

When you're outside of your safe zones, your phone will lock and require a passcode like normal (assuming you use a passcode at all).

Clever Pin looks like it's based off of the Android app Unlock With Wi-Fi that we showed you a couple weeks ago, and we think it's a great idea.

Price: $2.99 from Cydia

Photosynth is Microsoft's new panorama-creating app for iOS

Somehow Microsoft pushed this one out for iOS before they even pushed it out for Windows Phone 7, even though it has 'Metro UI' styling.

Photosynth may not be as good overall as some of the other panorama apps like Panoramio or Autostitch, but it's free and still has some great features.

You can geo-tag finished panoramas so they'll show up in Bing Maps, and you can share interactive panoramas to social networks. We tried it out, and the app does a great job processing images and sewing them together. It's definitely worth a shot.

Upload panoramas to Photosynth.net to share with friends.

Price: free from the App Store

Watch Seinfeld episodes for free on Sony's new Crackle app

We reviewed Crackle this week and found it to be pretty decent. For a free app, it's worth your time.

It's great for finding TV shows and movies owned by Sony that they refuse to share or licence, except the library is peppered with cheesy B-movies. They advertise Seinfeld, but only had 10 episodes available when we tested it.

Add it to your list of places to check for free content before you buy anything.

Price: free from the App Store

Moleskine's new app is lots more complicated than a Moleskine notebook

In an effort to simulate a virtual Moleskine and scrapbook, the developers went a little overboard and made typing and changing options. There are some valuable options though, enabling you to add pictures, sketches, and more to your notebook.

Regardless, the app looks beautiful, and there's no doubt in our minds that the developers will tune up the interface as soon as they can.

Price: free for iPhone and iPad

Notesy for Dropbox is a simple way to keep your notes in sync across computers and mobile devices.

Notesy doesn't have very many options, and this is a good thing.

Tap the + sign, type out a note, and your note will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox. Make changes on another computer, and they'll be uploaded to Dropbox and synced to your iPhone next time you open the app.

There's a useful full-screen mode, and you can choose which folder you want to sync to.

Price: $2.99 from the App Store

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