iOS Accounts For The Majority Of U.S. Mobile Web Traffic

iOS users spend significantly more time on the mobile Web than their Android counterparts.

According to a new study from Chitika, iOS accounts for 62 per cent of U.S. and Canadian mobile Internet traffic. The iOS share is down slightly from late 2012, and Android’s share has ticked up, but a significant usage gap remains nonetheless.  

Chitika measures traffic share by identifying the operating system of the mobile ad impressions it serves on its ad network, which gives a rough indicator of overall traffic.

The dominance of iOS is even more impressive when you consider there were nearly 18 million more Android smartphone users in April than iPhone users, according to comScore.

However, the Chitika data registers ad impressions from both smartphones and tablets. iPads account for over 80% of U.S. and Canadian tablet usage, according to Chitika. So, the dominance of iPads in the U.S. and Canadian tablet markets tilts the traffic share scales back in favour of iOS.  

In any case, the bottom line is that that iOS does seem to attract mobile power users. This data, as well as other indicators from across the mobile ecosystem, support the idea that iOS users simply use their devices more and more often.

Click here to download chart and data in Excel.

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