You'll soon be able to send a burrito emoji from your iPhone

While the rest of the world waits for the general release of Apple iOS 9.0 on September 16th, developers today got their first look at the next (minor) update, iOS 9.1.

When it’s finally released to the general public, iOS 9.1 will give iPhone and iPad users a long-awaited new bunch of emoji  — including tacos, unicorns, and burritos.


It’s exciting, but BuzzFeed in particular seems dismayed at the new burrito emoji, which it believes is not an accurate portrayal of a burrito. For the record, it looks more like a wrap than a proper burrito. 

These new emoji meet this year’s Unicode 8 standard, the agreed-upon set of symbols and words (including emoji) that the tech industry uses to make sure that, say, an Android user can text an iPhone user and still be understood. 

If you absolutely need to use iOS 9.1 and get the new emoji now, you have to pay to join Apple’s developer program at a cost of $US99/year. Otherwise, you’ll get it for free with the iOS 9.1 emoji.

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