Your iPhone is getting a new feature that makes it a lot easier to go back to the last app you were using

At first, the upcoming operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 9, looks the same as before.

But there are a lot of tiny differences coming that will make your device easier to use. In the iOS 9 beta, which anyone can test now, there’s a new feature that makes it easy to go back to the last app you were using.

Let’s say someone emails you a link to an article. After you read the article, you may want to go back to your email app. In earlier versions of iOS, you’d have to close your Safari browser and open up your email app again. But in iOS 9, a new “back” button appears at the top left of your screen that takes you back to the last app you were using.

It looks like this:

It’s pretty handy.

The final version of iOS 9 will be available for most iPhone and iPad users this fall. You can try the beta version now, but just know it might have some bugs and glitches. Most people are better off waiting for the final version.

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