Apple’s latest software is now on nearly 3 out of every 4 iOS devices

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Apple’s latest mobile software, iOS 8, is now on nearly 3 of every 4 iOS devices, according to the latest data from Apple’s App Store Distribution page.

iOS 8 adoption is now at 72% — up from 69% roughly two weeks ago and 68% about a month ago.

At the beginning of December, iOS 8 adoption was at about 63%.

People have been adopting iOS 8 much more slowly than iOS 7, for a bunch of reasons: iOS 7 offered more drastic changes that people were eager to try out, and iOS 8 was plagued with bugs — including one fatal bug that bricked call and text functionality, anything using cellular. Plus, there was one issue (not exactly a bug) that forced users to free up tons of storage just to perform the actual update.

But, since the release of iOS 8.1.3 in late January, which now requires less free space for iOS 8 to update, adoption has been picking up steam.

At approximately this time last year, iOS 7 was on 80% of all iOS devices — but iOS 8 is closing the gap. In early December, iOS 7 adoption was 11 percentage points ahead of iOS 8. Now, iOS 7 adoption is only 8 percentage points ahead.

Though iOS 8 isn’t faring as well as its predecessor, it’s still leagues ahead of Lollipop, Google’s latest update for Android, which is only on a paltry 0.1% of all Android devices.