There's Already A New IOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Even Though They Fixed One Yesterday

There’s a new glitch involving security with Siri in iOS 7.

We told you a couple of days ago that
Siri can bypass the security password on the lock screen and control your iPhone (and also how to disable that function). And Apple just made another update fixing a lock screen bug that allowed people to bypass the passcode.

Now, iPhone users have discovered a new way that Siri can bypass the passcode needed for your lock screen.

YouTube user Dany Lisianski was the first to discover this new glitch. He uploaded this video to show you how it works. As you’ll see, it’s a bit involved, but it works.

First, activate Siri and make a call. Once connected, switch the call to FaceTime. Take a screenshot, and this seems to confuse the phone in such a way that it forgets it had a passcode lock enacted in the first place. The entire phone becomes accessible and the lockscreen doesn’t appear again.

Video of it in action below.

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