Apple Needs To Steal These Features For iOS 7, Pronto

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A designer named Federico Bianco has dreamed up some pretty compelling features that we’d love to see in iOS 7, the to-be-released mobile operating system for Apple devices.

He put out this demo of his ideas, and we think Apple would be wise to include a lot of these features when iOS 7 comes out of the oven.

That magic release date, in true Apple fashion, is still unknown, but the rumour mill suggests we’ll see it later this year.

We already thought iOS was pretty cool and streamlined, but Bianco’s ideas for new features take the cake.

We start on the lock screen. You can immediately make a call, check your alarms, and see a to-do list.

Up above, you have quick access to system settings like aeroplane Mode.

This translates really nicely to the iPad as well.

Sliding the SMS notification bar instantly opens up a form for typing a fast response.

A similar feature for the calendar. Get your schedule at a glance.

Once again, this looks like it'd work really nicely on iPad as well.

And here's a super-accessible control panel, showing the most common settings you want to tinker with without navigating a maze of menus.

And on the iPad...

Bianco suggests allowing a more functional means of downloading files.

Tap on a downloaded item to tell your device what to do with it or how to open it.

And here's a Mission Control view – OS X users will be very familiar with this.

It makes it easy to navigate to apps that are already open in the background.

It'll even display separate tabs in your web browser.

And here's a little dialog box to kill all open apps.

And with much more screen real estate, the iPad could handle Mission Control beautifully.

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