Apple's New Maps App Has Drastically Improved

Take a look at the progression for Apple’s new Maps app for iOS 6. Apple released the new beta version for developers today. The progress made is an an excellent example of how Apple will be adding new features to the Maps app over time.

If you remember, Apple abandoned Google Maps for it’s future mobile devices because they came out with their own mapping software.

Apple’s maps will integrate Tom Tom maps data, Bing Maps, Yelp restaurant information, and much more.

We think that the app has come a long way, but it’s still missing a few vital features like baked-in public transportation information.

Despite moving at a rapid pace, Apple’s Maps app may still not be as robust as Google’s by launch. It’s a work in progress

We found this picture over at 9to5 Mac and as you can see the app is getting much more detailed. 

ios 6 maps

Photo: 9-to-5Mac

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