Hilarious Examples Of How Awful Apple's New Maps App Is

Manhattan bridge in iOS 6 maps

Photo: Screenshot

Less than a day after Apple released iOS 6 and unveiled its in-house maps, users have gone to Twitter and Tumblr to post their most ridiculous findings.When using the 3D feature, some searches end up showing you an apocalyptic rendition of some of the world’s most cherished monuments.

Here are a few of our favourites via The Amazing iOS 6 Maps and be sure to check out #ios6pocalypse on Twitter.

Brooklyn Bridge is going down on the Manhattan side

Manhattan bridge is now a rollercoaster

Get gas at a furniture store

Buckle up! It's going to be a crazy ride!

The classiest burger king we've ever seen

It's going to be a rocky takeoff in Toronto

The Eiffel Tower looks a bit flat

I-93 in Boston looks like a wild ride

Have fun wasting gas and getting lost! (This one comes from Twitter)

A trailer park should suffice for all of your medical needs

Clifton Suspension Bridge has a heavy load in 3D

Tacoma Narrows Bridge does not look stable, at all

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