How To Keep Your iPhone From Bothering You In The Middle Of The Night

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Photo: Apple

One of the new features introduced in iOS 6, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads, is called “Do Not Disturb.”When activated, your phone or iPad will function as a gatekeeper of sorts, only letting certain phone numbers contact you and make your phone ring.

This is perhaps most useful as a way to ensure that you sleep through the night without your phone going off unless someone on your “approved” list tries to call. 

It’s not just as simple as switching the feature on though. We’ll walk you through some ways you can tweak DND’s settings.

Tap the Settings icon to start it up

Now tap on Notifications

Tap on Do Not Disturb to customise how it will work

Here's the main settings for the feature. Let's tap on Allow Calls From

Select which group of people you want to enable phone calls for

You can set the range in this window

If you need to know if Do Not Disturb is currently activated on your phone, just look for the crescent moon symbol next to the time

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