Secret iPhone Feature: Play Full HD Video

iphone hd avatar

Well, you’ll be able to play 1080p video come iOS 5 this fall, but it won’t look any different than 720p.

The screen resolution isn’t high enough on any current iOS device.

Regardless, this is a big step forward that illustrates Apple’s confidence in its new hardware, and shows that it might be looking to incorporate 1080p video streaming into AirPlay devices at some point in the future.

As of now, even if you have 1080p content on your computer, you cannot stream it via AirPlay to your TV.

To date, iTunes has never supported 1080p syncing with devices through iTunes, although some games have been built to include 1080p output with the help of Apple’s Digital AV adaptor ($39.00).

Including 1080p support could also indicate that Apple plans to introduce a higher resolution display for future iPads. A retina display for iPads would be incredibly expensive, but would have 1080p playback capability.

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(RedmondPie via 9 to 5 Mac)

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