An Early Version Of Apple’s Internal Test For iOS Multitasking Leaks

Update: The video below is now believed to be a demo of an early version of iOS 4, not an advanced look at iOS 5, as we originally thought.

Original: Here’s a video that’s spreading quickly of a new multitasking system that could be implemented for Apple’s iOS 5.

The Vietnamese site,, is claiming this is a demo of IOS 5. We are sceptical it’s really iOS 5, but we’re passing it along because we think it’s an interesting idea about how Apple might change the way multitasking apps displayed.

(And we’ve been sceptical of foreign Apple sites in the past, and proven wrong.)

One reason to think it’s real: It comes from the site that landed an iPhone 4 last year before it hit the market.

One reason to think it’s fake: The same site turned up an iPod Touch with a camera, which did not end up looking like the official iPod Touch with a camera. (Though, they could have had an early prototype.)

And here’s a second video via 9 to 5 Mac that shows Facebook integration is in this iOS build. Again, we don’t know what’s going on here, but it is interesting to see: