The Coolest Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 5 So Far

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Any time a new version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS comes out, developers immediately put themselves to work tweaking and modding it.In fact, a day after the iOS 5 beta was released, a jailbreak update was ready to go.

One of the premier features of iOS 5 is the Notifications centre, which a user can access by dragging down their finger from the top of the screen.

The Notifications centre holds all your notifications like missed calls, texts, and push notifications.

The first thing jailbreakers wanted to do when the iOS 5 developer preview went out was customise this brand new drop-down menu screen (beyond the Weather and Stocks widgets that come pre-loaded), and we’ve put together some of the coolest iOS 5 mods so far.

You can’t try out these tweaks and mods quite yet, unfortunately, unless you have access to the developer version of iOS 5 (like Steve Kovach does).

If the past is any indication, Apple might even implement some of these widgets and tweaks in an iOS update later on.

Tweet from your multitasking screen

This tweak adds a simple Tweet screen to the completely unused area above your multitasking bar.

Music controls would be pretty convenient

This tweak adds Music controls to your Notifications centre.

You'll also notice a translucent background for the Notifications centre.

Toggles would put critical settings toggles at your fingertips

Current iPhone jailbreakers can already get a pop-up settings screen by downloading SBSettings, but Notifications centre integration is something else entirely.

This tweak would give you access to toggles like Wi-Fi on/off, aeroplane mode, and more. Apple should've done something like this in iOS 5.

System stats could give you a birds-eye view into vital phone information

iStat and other solutions provide quick ways to view how much RAM you have left, what your IP address is, etc, but a simple Notifications centre widget would be ideal for many people.

This widget would take up a lot of space, but it would be cool to have the option to display album art in your Notifications centre.

QuickComposer puts critical shortcuts at your fingertips

Instead of creating a multitasking bar like other tweaks, QuickComposer adds buttons to quickly compose text messages, tweets, emails, reminders, and notes.

Here's a multitasking tray that would show your recent apps

With this tweak, you can have access to the four most recently accessed apps (similar to how it works in some versions of Android).

You could kill the apps using the red minus sign, or you could scroll through them and pick one you want to re-open.

This tweak could make the Notifications centre a one stop shop for multitasking and notifications. In the current iteration, you have to double tap your Home button to see the multitasking bar.

This tweak adds a Twitter feed to your Notifications centre

WeeTwitter adds a Twitter feed to the bottom of your Notifications Bar.

Unfortunately, you can't tweet from it quite yet, but you can view mentions, direct messages, and quick searches all from your notifications bar.

WeeFacebook adds a news feed to your Notifications centre

This tweak was built by the same guy who built WeeTwitter (previous slide).

You basically have access to the mobile web version of Facebook. It's perfect for a quick search glance at your news feed.

Here's the Notifications centre with toggles and a changed background colour

It's easy to change your background on your iPhone, but you can't change the background of your multitasking bar.

Your multitasking bar is small enough that most people wouldn't want to change it, but the Notifications centre is much bigger.

This tweak lets you change the background behind your Notifications centre drop-down menu.

Just don't make your background this ugly.

A theme like this one could make text more legible

This is a mock-up theme one user created. We'll likely see downloadable themes like these for jailbreakers once iOS 5 launches this fall.

BatteryCenter gives you a nice big battery gauge

This tweak adds a large battery gauge in Notifications centre if you've removed the battery indicator from your status bar.

WeeTranslate makes translations a snap

This tweak is the quickiest way to get a quick translation straight from your Notifications centre.

We'd love to see an option for daily calendar appointments on our Notifications centre screen

Jailbreak tweaks like LockInfo (pictured here) do an excellent job displaying calendar events on your lock screen or via InfoShade, a drop-down menu that works almost exactly like Notifications centre.

Now that you've seen what developers are cooking up for iOS 5....

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