10 Things In iOS 5 Apple Is Still Hiding From You

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Apple’s WWDC keynote last week lasted more than two hours, covering the best new stuff in Mac OS X Lion and iOS.

Thanks to the developer preview of iOS 5, we’ve been able to dig a lot deeper than the 10 features Apple previewed.

After spending several days with iOS 5, we’ve gathered the best features Apple hid. Check ’em out below.

3G FaceTime

We've been waiting a year for this. FaceTime will likely work over 3G now, but that's up to the carriers. For example, Verizon is reportedly in negotiations with Apple over FaceTime. Several developers have found clues to the feature in iOS 5's code.

Full 1080p HD video playback

iPhones and iPads will finally be able to play full 1080p HD videos. While they won't appear HD on your device's screen, there's still a chance it will when mirroring to your TV.

More widgets?

It didn't take long for jailbreakers to crack into iOS 5. And some especially clever developers have figured out how to add more widgets to the Notifications centre. This loophole could mean Apple will allow third-parties to add widgets too.

Voice control from Nuance

There's strong evidence that there will be improved voice controls in iOS 5, courtesy of Nuance. (The company behind the popular Dragon dictation software.)

There are even some references in iOS 5's code that show an option to add a microphone icon to the keyboard for dictating e-mails and text messages.

Custom vibrations and LED notifications

You can change your iPhone's settings to provide custom vibrations for certain contacts under Accessibility options. You can also set the iPhone's LED camera flash to blink when you have a new message or missed call.

Multiple routes in Google Maps and print directions

This feature is hardly new to Android owners, but iPhone users will find it refreshing. When you search for directions using Google Maps, the app now gives you multiple route options.

You can also print directions from Google Maps using Air Print.

Set up your wireless network from your iPhone or iPad

There are now settings in iOS so you can set up a new AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, or Time Capsule base station from your iPhone or iPad.

Private browsing in Safari

In addition to tabs, Safari also has a private mode that won't record your browsing history. You can enable the setting from Settings > Safari.

New gesture controls for iPad

Who needs buttons? With Apple's new gestures you can control just about anything. Four and five-finger swipes will bring up your multitasking bar. Pinching will bring you back to the home screen. Swipe left and right to cycle between open apps. (Our favourite)

These were actually hidden in iOS 4, but now they're open for anyone to use.

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