iOS 5 Doesn't Look As Slick On The iPad As It Does On The iPhone

ios 5 split keyboard on ipad

Photo: Screenshot

After all those annoying iOS 5 install problems, we finally got it up and running on our iPad today.And while we think it’s definitely an improvement over iOS 4, there are still a few wonky features that we think belong on the iPhone’s smaller screen, not a full tablet.

For example, the drop down notifications menu looks pretty awkward floating there in the middle. Same goes for the flip-down notifications when you get a new iMessage.

But those are just some minor aesthetic gripes. We’re huge fans of the other improvements like tabbed browsing and the split (finally!) keyboard. We took iOS 5 for a full spin on the iPad, so check out what’s different from the iPhone version.

First, let's check out iMessage. Since your iPad doesn't have a phone number, messages are tied to your Apple ID. (The same account you use to buy apps and other stuff from iTunes.) This is what the notification looks like when you get a new iMessage. Tap it to view.

iMessage for iPad has this nice two-pane view. All your contacts appear on the left and your conversations appear on the right

Notifications even pop down when you have other apps open. Here we have an alert for a new e-mail. You can either tap it to open the e-mail or ignore it. The notification will disappear in a few seconds so you can continue using your current app.

Dragging your finger down from the top of the screen will give you the Notifications centre. We think it looks a bit odd on the iPad's large screen

Tabbed browsing in Safari is a welcome addition for iOS 5 on the iPad. We've been waiting for this for years

Another killer feature: The split keyboard. To get it, just swipe across the full keyboard with your finger and it will split. Typing is much, much easier like this

Here's what the split keyboard looks like in landscape mode

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