Here's Everything That's New In iOS 4.3

ipad 2 face time

Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest update to iOS will be released for free on March 11, the same day the iPad 2 goes on sale.All the new features of iOS 4.3 were announced today during Apple’s iPad 2 keynote.

We dug through all the updates to iOS. Check them out.

Better Safari performance

The new version of Safari uses the Nitro JavaScript engine for better performance when browsing.

iTunes Home Sharing

New updates to AirPlay allow you to play photo slideshows, web video, and sound and video from apps on your Apple TV.

Preferences for iPad switch

Apple got a lot of complaints from customers when they changed the iPad's switch to a mute button instead of orientation lock. Now you have the option to make the switch will control one or the other.

Personal hotspot for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 will act as a wifi hotspot for up to five devices, but additional carrier fees will apply.

Sync wirelessly

You can now sync and back up your iPad 2 over your wireless network. There's no longer a need for syncing with a USB cable.

New Photobooth app

iOS 4.3 will include a mobile version of Photobooth, the same app you use on Mac OS X to take photos with quirky filters.

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