DEAR BLOOMBERG USERS: Here's How To Make Yourself 'Invisible' On Your Terminal

flikr/DVIDSHUBAmid this whole Bloomberg reporters spying on bankers scandal via private info from Bloomberg Terminals, we’ve figured out there is a way to make your login status “invisible.”  

See when you’re logged in, there’s a green dot next to your Bloomberg Terminal profile, which could be helpful in alerting reporters that you’re at your job.

You can get rid of that green dot next to your user name that indicates that you’re currently logged in. 

Here’s how it works: 

You need to go to Windows>>IB Contacts>> where you see Status choose a dropdown menu –> 2 — Away, which will indicate you have stepped away from the keyboard, or 3 — Set Custom Status Message. “user-defined” status options are: Green (Online), grey (Private), and Orange (Away). Other colour defines are 1) Yellow 2) Red (Offline): User is logged out of both the terminal and the mobile version of IB 3) Blue (Mobile Device)

For grey go to MGU <GO> “Display My Online Presence to” will change your status as follows: 1) Nobody: grey dot (Private) 2) All: Green dot (Online) 3) My Firm: Online status to users within your firm and Private status to all others. Press <GO> 1 <GO> to save.  

It could take up to 24 hours for the changes to appear, though. 

Of course this is just one way for reporters and others to “spy” on you. It doesn’t take care of everything.

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