Here Are The Investors Whose Portfolios Performed Best Over The Last Year

Wondering how your 2014 investments stack up?

Investing app Openfolio has issued its 2014 report, analysing about 3,000 portfolios owned by investors who used the app for at least a year.

It has segmented its data to compare returns in terms of everything from investors’ home state to occupation to email provider.

Of course, take these insights with a dash of appropriate perspective. Just like living in Tennessee doesn’t mean your investments are doomed, having an iCloud email probably doesn’t predispose you to success.

First of all, an overview. The top half of investors analysed outperformed the S&P 500.

Returns were also segmented by state. (To use the rollover feature to see individual states’ results, you’ll need to visit the original image at Openfolio.)

As we previously reported, users working in finance aren’t outperforming their peers in other industries, and the 2014 data shows that people working as teachers and in the healthcare industry came out on top.

Teachers’ “diversified, invested portfolios” might well serve as testament to the investing approach championed by pros like Warren Buffett: Low-fee index funds are ultimately the most reliable investments.

And Yahoo mail users are really trailing behind.

To see the rest of the insights, visit the full report at

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