Billionaire investor Yuri Milner says there's already a convergence between human brains and computers

Elon Musk may be afraid of artificial intelligence overtaking humans, but billionaire investor Yuri Milner has to disagree.

Rather, he thinks artificial intelligence will develop in a different way than Musk is worried about.

“What we see very clearly is that there is a convergence between the human brain and computers,” Milner said during an interview at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

He’s not talking about chips implanted in our heads, but computers and humans working together — and being better for it.

“Google is good example of that. You have a million people feeding the machine, then you have servers that are analysing this data and feeding it back to our human brains,” Milner said.

Chess is another area where computers have shown they can beat humans, even as early as the 1990s. But, pair a computer with a human and the duo can beat the computer. It’s the combination that’s better, and how Milner envisions artificial intelligence developing.

“A human brain plus computer is better than just computers,” Milner said.

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