15 Gifts Every Investor Would Love

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Chances are you’ve done all of your Christmas shopping already.But if you’re still looking for something, we’ve got 15 great options for you.

From desktop essentials and wall art to trading tools and a couple ultra premium items, we’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to shopping for an investor.

Some are cheap, and some are expensive.

But if you took the risk-on trade this year, then you can probably afford all of it.

Edison Model Stock Ticker with Glass Dome

Before Yahoo Finance, people got there stock quotes from ticker tape machines. And the biggest players like JP Morgan had these in their homes.

These days, one of these will run you at least $2,500 at auction.

Source: LiveAuctioneers.com

The Intelligent Investor

Warren Buffett swears by this book, which was written by his favourite finance professor Ben Graham. This edition includes a preface by non other than Warren Buffett himself.

Don't get the electronic version. Get a hardcopy on Amazon for $14.

Source: Amazon

Money Tree

In the east, nothing brings good fortune like a 'money tree.' Also, it's always nice to have a plant to help spruce up the office.

This money tree comes with a base and costs $34.

Source: Gifts.com

HP 12C Calculator

Every financial professional on Wall Street needs a calculator to discount cash flows and calculate internal rates of return on the spot. And no calculator is better at running these functions than the legendary HP 12C.

These can be found on Amazon for under $60.

Source: Amazon

Mad Money Bull

Even at the best of times, trading can be stressful. Make sure your favourite investor doesn't get too wound up with this bull stress toy from Mad Money with Jim Cramer, available online for $6.

Source: CNBC

Huge S&P Indices History Poster

This gorgeous, giant chart of the S&P from 1928 to 2010 not only tracks the major index, but also includes a visual presentation of historical events.

This poster costs $20 plus shipping and handling.

Source: Standard and Poor's

A Framed Share Of Stock

A framed share of your favourite stock should go right up on the wall next to your diploma.

Companies like OneShare offer framed shares, which are a great way to capture a piece of history (like Facebook's IPO) for around $115.

Source: OneShare

Triumph of the Optimists

This exhaustive hardcover offers a history of 101 years of global investment returns.

It's a gorgeous coffee table book that dives into data like nothing that's ever been done before.

Investors will love poring through the charts over and over again.

On Amazon, the book goes for a little over $100.

Source: Amazon

Subscription to ValueLine

For those who want to do real in-depth research into companies, there's nothing like The ValueLine.

The service provides exhaustive historical data on earnings, ratios, margins, and technicals on a host of companies.

In addition to being incredibly useful, it's also another thing that's a joy to pore through for hours.

An online subscription to ValueLine won't come cheap, though, costing $598.

Source: ValueLine

Coffee Maker

Sure, David Einhorn shorts Green Mountain Coffee Roasters like crazy. But the company is not the stock, and the company makes great coffee machines. And you'll need an efficient source of caffeine during the trading session.

You can get your favourite investor a personal coffee maker like this Keurig for about $150.

Source: Green Mountain Coffee

Ambient Stock Orb

This glass orb changes colour from green to red based on whether the stock market is going up or down.

Put one of these in your bathroom so you know if you should be rushing back to your desk. This will set you back $135.

Source: Amazon

Brass Bull

Superstitious traders ritually rub the testicles of Wall Street's 7,100lb bronze bull.

Get a scaled down replica for $65.

Source: Museum of American Finance

Tickets To Berkshire Hathaway's 2013 Shareholder Meeting

Omaha might not be a popular tourist destination, but on May 4 it's home to the annual shareholder meeting of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. Round trip tickets for one person are a little over $350. But you'll have to book tickets early.

Note: You can't get into the meeting unless you're a shareholder. A share costs just under $90.

Source: Orbitz

Bloomberg Terminal

This is an essential tool on Wall Street, used to obtain and analyse real-time market data, news, and stock quotes.

However, at $20,000 for a year-long subscription, the cost may be a little prohibitive.

Source: Business Insider

Kiehl's Eye Alert Cream

With long hours and little sleep comes baggy and tired eyes -- the bane of any investor.

Kiehl's Eye Alert Cream, which clears up signs of fatigue and fits easily in any stocking, costs just over $20.

Source: Kiehl's

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