Here's How Rich You'd Be If You Had Invested $US1,000 On The Day Of These Tech IPOs

Traders NYSEREUTERS/Brendan McDermidSpecialist trader Chris Malloy (C) gives a price to traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, October 18, 2013.

In retrospect, it was a good idea to buy Amazon stock the day it went public.

If you had invested $US1,000 in Jeff Bezos’ company then, you’d have earned $US239,045 by now. It went public 16 years ago at $US18 per share. Now Amazon is trading at $US358 per share.

How much money would you have made on eBay, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn or Facebook’s IPOs if you’d invested $US1,000?

Mashable and Statista figured it out.

Nothing beats an early $US1,000 investment in Amazon, but if you had invested $US1,000 in eBay the day it went public, you’d have almost $US70,000 more now. If you had put the same amount in Yahoo, you’d have just over $US60,000 more.

An early $US1,000 investment in Google would net you $US12,072. LinkedIn’s IPO would have given you about $US5,000 by now. Facebook’s would have you up, but only by about $US1,300.

Head over to Mashable to see the chart, which has been adjusted for splits and dividends.

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