The Website Used To Sell The Wisconsin Shooter A Gun Was The Subject Of A Massive Sting Operation wisconsin weapons
The Bushmaster AR-15 is selling in Wisconsin

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This weekend’s tragic shooting at a Wisconsin spa opened the door to a flood of questions about how a man with a restraining order against him was able to purchase a gun.Radcliffe Haughton reportedly killed three people and wounded four Sunday at the Azana Salon & Spa before fatally shooting himself.

Federal law prohibited Haughton from buying a gun because of his restraining order.

But a loophole in Wisconsin law let him purchase a firearm through a private seller without undergoing a background check, the AP reported.

And recent reports reveal the classified site that ran the private seller’s ad,, was actually investigated by New York City in 2011 for its questionable business practices.

In its “Point, Click, Fire” investigation of illegal online gun sales, NYC investigators found that 62 per cent of private gun sellers, most of them online, agreed to sell a gun to a customer who admitted he probably couldn’t pass a background check.

And some of the worst offenders were unlicensed sellers on

The report found a number of high-powered rifles, like a Ruger Mini 14 assault rifle, for sale on

In one videotaped phone call, an undercover investigator asked a seller who advertised a gun on Armslist if he was “one of those licensed guys” and admitted he couldn’t pass a background check — to which the seller only laughed.

“No, I just take cash, and there you go!” the seller said while laughing. boasted 54,745 active listings as of Thursday. In Wisconsin alone, the site is advertising Rugers, a Bushmaster AR-15 and a Remington 7600 pump 270.

We were unable to reach Armslist for comment but the site does instruct sellers to “always comply with local, state, federal, and international law.”

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