The CFO of Intuit reveals the book that changed his whole perspective

Neil youngKevin Winter/Getty ImagesNeil Young’s memoir, ‘Special Deluxe,’ offers lessons for business executives.

When you think about running the finance department of a major US corporation, the last thought on your mind is probably singer/songwriter Neil Young.

But for Intuit CFO Neil Williams, there is not a more important book for workers in the finance function.

Business Insider asked Williams to share his favourite business book and explain why he believes it is important for other business leaders to enjoy.

His choice? “Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life Cars

“This is a book true to my own heart because Young and I share a passion for cars, and his memoir is told through stories of cars he’s owned,” Williams explains.

“While this isn’t your typical business book, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young certainly isn’t the type of writer associated with business advice, transparency is a theme throughout the book,” he says. “Young shares mistakes he’s made throughout his life and how he moved on from them; each linked to a car he held at that time.”

Williams says being transparent is incredibly important, both as an organisation and as a leader.

“I learned early in my career that facing issues head-on is the best way to manage them, and that proactive communications about issues builds credibility and successful long-term relationships,” Williams says. “Young brings this to life in his book, and it’s a good reminder that humility goes a long way.”

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