Introducing the gold kit kat at $22 a finger

Image: Nestle Japan

Kit Kats are going gold.

A limited gold leaf covered edition is being created in Japan, where the chocolate covered biscuits are a craze, a religious-like experience.

The new Kit Kat is called Chocolatory Sublime Gold and is being launched to co-incide with the one millionth visitor to Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques.

There are eight boutiques in Japan with the first launched in Tokyo in January 2014.

Sublime Gold is a one-finger Kit Kat covered in hand by 24 carat gold leaf, a very thin layer of the precious metal. The price is Yen 2016 ($A22) each.

They will be on sale at the Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques from the end of December. Only 500 of these gold Kit Kats will be made.

Kit Kat has a very unique presence in Japan with about 30 varieties available including Green Tea, Wasabi and Purple Potato.

Closer to home a Kit Kat Studio, where you can make your own gourmet kit kat, is opening in Melbourne on Tuesday.

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