Introducing Stephen and Dennis, The First Same Sex Couple To Be Legally Married in Australia

Australia’s first same sex married couple, Dennis Liddelow (L) and Stephen Dawson. Photo by Martin Ollman. @martin_o. All rights reserved

This is the first same sex couple to be legally married in Australia.

Stephen Dawson and Dennis Liddelow got formally hitched under the new ACT Marriage Equality Act.

They were one of 46 couples who booked to get married as the Australian Capital Territory law came into effect from Saturday.

The rush was to get in before a judgement expected this Thursday on a High Court challenge to the law by the federal government.

Dawson and Liddelow were the first, making their vows and being formally recognised as married in the early hours of Saturday.

Dawson, a Labor Member of Parliament in Western Australia’s Upper House, told the ABC: “This is about us professing our love for each other and reminding each other after 10 years that we still love each other and at least for the moment our relationship will be legally recognised as a marriage.”

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